Aviron Space

Garret J Kamber

(Crewman/Bridge Ops)

Born to Elizabeth and Charles Kamber twenty-two years ago, he is the youngest of three boys, but four years older than his only sister. Charles is among the oldest and most experienced miners on Latara, having been in the business since he was old enough to get into the mining power suits, as well as working with Carver Heavy Equipment for the last eight years to help keep the family's needs kept. Elizabeth works with Bridges Education Systems as an advisor and programmer. All of their children received education from both BES and at home, being as Elizabeth was a teacher and understood many topics and studies.

Andrew, Garrett's oldest brother, works closely with Fitzgerald Tactical and has since he graduated BES, due to his love for combative and defensive weaponry, and his home planet. He and Garrett don't see eye to eye on many subjects, and while Andrew loves his baby brother, Garrett hates how Andrew has no interest in anything outside Latara's gravity, and his brother's bit of xenophobic racism towards the three alien races. A quality that Charles shares, which garners a similar relationship between Garrett and Charles.

Michael is Garrett's second oldest brother, and the source of his love for the stars and spaceships. Being both an engineer and pilot for Digital Future Logistics, he has flown shipments all over the sector, and has done so since Garrett was fifteen. Michael is engaged and has a baby boy on the way from his fiance´┐Ż, her name is Karen Winchester, and they've decided to name their son Clarence.

Eryn and Garrett have been fast friends since Elizabeth's surprise pregnancy with her, as he always thought of her as a special late present, since she was born on the day after his own birthday. Following in their mother's footsteps, Eryn is pushing through her education with a hot fury so that she can get in to help advance the curriculum like her mom. She loves Garrett, and looks up to him and all her brothers for help, she is also a daddy's little girl, with a quiet desire to see Earth one day.

Keira has been friends with Garrett since they were toddlers, and have been friends even till the modern day. While they both went their own ways after school, she taking over for her father as owner of the family bar and he going into training to run and maintain starships, as well as blaster combat, they often correspond via email and check up on each other. Keira likes visiting his family and making sure they are doing okay for him when she can.

Garrett is a young lad with a dream to one day captain his own ship, and explore the stars with complete freedom. He has worked hard to get to where he is now, having pushed through a terrible illness he contracted from a souvenir his brother Michael brought home and still passing his flight tests and his final exams in BES. He has had two big relationships, but both fell apart in devastating fashions. His mentor and sponsor is Marcus Min, a retired captain who has seen many years in space, and treats Garrett like a grandson, though he is more like the cool-but-strict grandpa. He also gifted Garrett with his Johnny Cash CD collection, antiques from the Old Earth that made it through all these years. Garrett is extremely careful when handling these ancient pieces of history, especially since he loves how Johnny sings and he respects Marcus for his help and trust in him.

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